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Timesheets & Tracking Service Delivery in Odoo
Introduction:Timesheets & Tracking Service Delivery in Odoo
Installing the sales_timesheet module
Create your product/services and setting invoicing policy and tracking type
Create quotation and sales order
Creating your projects and tasks
Assigning roles to projects users and respective employees
Adding time to tasks
Manager approval of timesheets from other employees
Invoicing the timesheet based on the respective sale order
Using subscription management module

Timesheets & Tracking Service Delivery in Odoo

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In this video learn to use Odoo for companies that bill services and must track service delivery. With Odoo you can manage employee and service delivery timesheets and invoice your customers for the time spent on the job.

Video Length:   44 Minutes
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Service businesses that must manage time for invoicing

Once you install the proper applications and configure everything properly you can utilize Odoo to manage timesheets and then automatically invoice customers from the timesheets. This can be used in a variety of businesses such as auto repair, construction, medical services, or any business in which you must track the time employees spend on a given task for a customer.

Tracking service delivery in real time while it happens

Learn how to use Odoo's easy to use timesheet entry interface is designed to make it easy to manage daily activities and track the information that is essential for invoicing and reporting. Using the project management features you can assign projects to customers and get statistics on the number of billable hours outstanding and other important features. 

Automatically create invoices from your timesheets

Like all of Odoo's integrated applications the information you collect on employee timesheets can be used to automatically generate invoices for your customers. Unfortunately in Odoo 10 in an effort to make the application easier to use some of the more essential features are a bit hard to find. Don't worry. This video will show you exactly how to configure Odoo for service businesses and any company that must track employee time spent on various projects.