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Odoo 11 HR Management & Timesheets

Odoo 11 HR Management & Timesheets

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Odoo 11 offers several applications that can help you implement human resources (HR) for a business. There is an employee directory, leaves application, and timesheets. You can also link Timesheets with invoicing to bill timesheets on invoices.

Video Length:   43 Minutes
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      Getting Started with Odoo's Human Resource Applications

      Employee Directory - Leave Management - Timesheets

      Increasingly businesses find themselves with the need to manage a growing amount of employee related information. This can be anything from basic employee demographic and addresses to full blown payroll systems, workers compensation reporting, OSHA reports, 401k's, and even health insurance. While at this time Odoo's human resource applications are somewhat basic they do provide a solid framework which can be extended or localized for further customization.

      Setting up the Employee Directory Application: The core application that is required for the remaining Odoo HR applications is the Employee Directory. It is a pre-requisite to the other HR applications such as Timessheets and the Leave Application. It maintains a list of all the employees in the company as well as manages the departments related to the employee. It is a very simple application but can also be easily extended with additional models and views. For example, you may wish to extend the Employee Directory to collection information for OSHA, 401k's or specialized certifications. While Odoo's HR applications are simple, the ability to easily customize and extend them could make Odoo a great platform for building an enterprise Human Resource system.

      Using the Timesheet Application: The timesheet application does basically what it sounds like. It collects and manages the time that employees work. Central to the understanding of the Timesheet Application and how it integrates with other Odoo applications is Project Management. When employees work their time is not just allocated by the date they worked and the number of hours. Each recorded timesheet can also be associated with specific project and tasks. In this video you learn how Timesheets integrate with project management so you can perform tasks such as job costing and invoicing employee hours.

      Invoicing customers from timesheets: While many of the Odoo HR applications are basic, there is good integration between them and important functionality can be discovered when using multiple HR applications together. In this video we learn how you can configure Odoo's Timesheet application with the Project Management application and Sales to automatically create customer invoices based on employee timesheets. As employees do their work they select projects and fill out their timesheets according to how you wish to break down the billing. In addition, Odoo's analytical accounting features allow you to easily track the profitability of projects.