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How to Install Custom Odoo Applications and Modules

How to Install Custom Odoo Applications and Modules

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This Odoo video is for those who wish to learn how to install custom Odoo applications or modules from Odoo's application store, from Github, or other Odoo application repositories. Learn how to download, unpack, and change the addons path directory so that Odoo can see your custom applications.

Video Length:   30 Minutes
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What is the purpose of custom Odoo modules and applications?

If you go to you will find many thousands of Odoo applications and modules that you can install to enhance your Odoo installation. It can be a simple module that adds an extra field to an application or it can be an entire feature fillled application that adds a whole new range of functionality to Odoo.

Downloading and installing from the Odoo application store

The Odoo application store contains thousands of free Odoo modules and applications. In this video you will learn how to use the Ubuntu command, wget, to download an Odoo application directly from your Ubuntu terminal. Then you learn how to unzip the file and create a directory for all the addons you may wish to try out. Finally we learn how to change the --addons-path so that it can see our directory of custom modules and applications..

Researching the wide selection of Odoo's applications and modules

If you are an Odoo partner, IT integrator, or developer it is very important to know what modules and applications are available for Odoo.  Why is this so important? So often many others have already faced similar problems and spent many hours coming up with solutions. Using this video, you can begin installing the various Odoo applications and modules that are available. Test them out. Discover what functionality is available to solve business requirements.