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Advanced Odoo Install

Advanced Odoo Install

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This video looks at a complete Odoo install with special emphasis on more advanced topics related to security, how to setup Odoo to restart automatically after a server reboot, creating a configuration file, as well as advanced commands on creating databases and installing applications through the command line.

Video Length:   1:17 Hours
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Step-by-Step instructions how to Install Odoo 8 on Ubuntu 14.04

This video is for those who want to see a complete setup of Odoo that also includes creating security pairs for Ubuntu to better secure the server, logging, setting up Odoo to restart automatically, and advanced options to even create the Odoo database and install applications from the command line.

Why another video to install Odoo?

While there are a lot of basic install videos, few cover creating scripts to start Odoo automatically and fewer that show you how to create Odoo databases and install applications from the command line and other advanced topics. Already maintains several videos on basic Odoo installation such as Install Odoo 8 on Ubuntu 14.04 in under 15 minutes. While the video above gets Odoo up and running, this advanced video goes further showing you more of the critical things you will need to know to run Odoo successfully.

Complete Odoo installation with advanced options

One nice thing about this new video is that while it is an advanced video, it starts at the beginning. While it still doesn't hurt to watch the basic video, this video in complete and starts at the beginning of a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 installation.