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Upgrading Part 2

Upgrading Part 2

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This advanced developer video is part 2 of a three part series on how to upgrade Odoo as well as troubleshoot issues that occur when an Odoo migrating Odoo to a new version.

Video Length:   2:10 Hours
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Upgrading Part 2 takes off where Part 1 left off. See expert Odoo developer Diogo Duarte work through a full Odoo installation conversion and bring up to the latest May 2015 master Odoo build.

See how expert Odoo developers solve complex problems

When converting Odoo implementations from one version to the next, for example Odoo version 7 (typically called OpenERP 7) to version 8, or Odoo version 8 to version 9; the process involves complete understanding of the Odoo framework, SQL queries, and great troubleshooting skills.

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One of the main objectives at is to provide Odoo developers advanced training that you simply can't get any where else. So many developer programs walk through contrived examples, you never get the opportunity to see exactly how real Odoo developers troubleshoot and find the problems in their code. These advanced videos are for those that want to achieve an expert level Odoo developer skills

Do I need to watch part 1 before I watch Part 2?

Yes. This is the 2nd video of a three part series and they must be watched in order. If you start watching this video before watching Part 1 you will have no idea how to get here.

It looks like converting Odoo databases is hard, do I really need to know how to do this?

Data conversion and migrating data from one Odd database to another is one of the most tedious tasks a developer can face. This video is for developers who already are comfortable with many of the previous developer videos including the ones listed at the bottom of this page. If how are serious about becoming an Odoo integrator and expert Odoo developer these are the exact kind of videos that show you how to get real jobs done. 

Are there easier ways to convert my Odoo database or upgrade it to a new version?

If you are running a LTS release of Odoo 8 and have enterprise support, Odoo SA can provide you the ability to upgrade to version 9 once it is in final release and they have completed the conversion scripts. Your data is encrypted and sent to Odoo where it is converted and then returned back to you. As an Odoo partner, we can help faciliate this for your. For many companies, custom modules and addons or other circumstances may make this option undesireable. That is when the ability to convert Odoo databases is extremely valuable.