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Upgrading Part 1

Upgrading Part 1

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This advanced developer video is part 1 of a three part series on how to upgrade Odoo as well as troubleshoot issues that occur when an Odoo migrating Odoo to a new version. If you are attempting to upgrade Odoo from one version to another, this is the video series for you.

Video Length:   1:59 Hours
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See step by step how is upgraded

This advanced video is a behind the scenes look at exactly the steps required to upgrade to the latest master branch of Odoo. See how to migrate products, web pages, and along with custom fields and functionality that had been incorporated into to allow for video content and subscriptions.

How to migrate real world Odoo systems to new versions

In this real world example you see specifically how a system that was based on August 2014 build is upgraded to a build in May 2015. This is 10 months of changes and upgrades that significantly impact data structures and requires expert level Odoo skills to migrate the database to a new instance.

There is more than one way to upgrade your Odoo database

In the previous Odoo migration videos, Diogo took an database and did an in place upgrade on that database, fixing errors and broken structures until the database was deemed usable. In this video, a brand new Odoo database was created from scratch and the data from the Odoo database is migrated over to the new, clean database.

Why are you upgrading

As you can see, we have used Odoo to build and as we have created and added new videos and content over the past several months, new features and capabilities have been added into the Odoo master branch that will soon be released as Odoo version 9. This version offers great new features for eCommerce and website content management that will be useful in better organizing and offering additional features to our subscribers.  

Does this video cover the new features coming to

No. This video covers taking that is a build from August 2014 and converting that build to May 2015.  Additional functionality for subscribers will then be incorporated into this new more improved version. 

What is the difference between this and the other advanced migration videos associated below?

When upgrading from one Odoo version to another you have two basic options you can persue. You can attempt to take an existing Odoo database and migrate it over to a new version of Odoo. In this case there is not a new database created, instead you are making modifications to an existing database. In this video, we show another method in which a brand new Odoo database is created and then the data from the older database is moved into the new database.

Considerations for Upgrading an existing Odoo database

  • Works better for versions that are very close to each other. If the differences in the builds are only a few weeks it is easier to convert than if they are months apart.
  • Requires you to track down problems with the database structure differences between the two versions
  • Can be very tedious depending on specific problems you face
  • Risk that you may not find all the structures that are impacted by the upgrade

Considerations for creating a new Odoo database and importing data in from the older Odoo database

  • Works better for versions that are many months apart
  • Requires you to write import/export routines or create utilities like the Odoo website migration tool to move data into the new Odoo database
  • Can be very tedious depending on specific problems you face
  • Less risk that you may end up with an unstable database

Why are you not waiting until the Odoo 9 is in full release to do this upgrade on

The primary purpose of doing the upgrade now is that we know we will have to convert and migrate the data to these new structures anyway. As we are now only a few months until the Odoo 9 is finally released, migrating to the most recent build means there will be minimal changes required in the months ahead and we can begin now working on new features for subscribers.

What are some of the features you have planned for the new

We are still deciding exactly what features we will prioritize but already know that better site organization and helping subscribers find the videos that are important to them is top on the list. When started we only had about seven or eight videos. They were great videos and still some core essential videos for anyone learning Odoo, but there were not a lot of videos to look through. A few months back it became clear we have a lot of videos already and intend to add many more in the months ahead. So we need way to organize and manage content and make it easier for us to group videos and create 'courses' for our subscribers. As we add features, subscribers will get a behind the scenes look at the planning and development that goes into implementing them. 

Better Odoo training from the basics to solving complex functional and development solutions with Odoo

You may have seen that many of latest updated videos are both advanced and highlighting increasingly real world problem solutions with Odoo. The goal with this update is to give us an even better platform for producing Odoo training videos for our subscribers.