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Transfer Websites Between Odoo Databases - Part 2

Transfer Websites Between Odoo Databases - Part 2

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Odoo 8 has provided a great website builder. Unfortunately there is no way to move your website to another database. Even more so, it can be very useful to move content pages from one Odoo version to another. This is part two of a three part series in which you see a real life solution we used to move from one version of Odoo to another.

Video Length:   2:04 hrs
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Expanding Your Development Skills - Advanced Odoo

In our second advanced developer series we continue to see real advanced Odoo development in action. See step by step exactly how you develop a complex Odoo module that exports web pages, such as this one so they can later be moved into any other Odoo database.

This is where you come after you have learned the basics

It is pretty easy to learn the basics of Odoo development. Learning how to add fields to a model or how to change a view in a custom Odoo application is not that difficult. Advanced Odoo development requires both an extensive knowledge of the Odoo framework and the ability to troubleshoot and iteratively build an application.

Working toward a usable Odoo module that solves a problem

As you work your way through this advanced Odoo Development training you are building an Odoo wizard that will help you solve some of the pains of managing several Odoo websites. You gain an understanding of the Odoo CMS and exactly how the website builder in Odoo is put together.

Do I need to watch part 1?

Yes. Without watching part 1 of this series you will not be able to understand the content of part 2.

See Advanced Odoo Development in Action!

This video along with part 1 in the series contains over four full hours of advanced Odoo development with step by step troubleshooting.  Other videos on Odoo Class such as Odoo-OpenERP Developer Training Volume One will show you the baics and how to build simple applications. In our advanced series you learn how to solve complex problems and see first hand how an expert Odoo developer builds an application.