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Develop a Business Intelligence Module in Odoo

Develop a Business Intelligence Module in Odoo

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Odoo 8 has included a powerful business intelligence framework. This video explores the development aspects of the business intelligence framework and how you can create your own powerful reporting solutions.

Video Length:   1:00 hours
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Learn to Develop a Business Intelligence Module in Odoo

Beginning in Odoo 8, Odoo added a very powerful Business Intelligence framework that allows for sophisticated data reporting.This development video will show you how to build a Business Intelligence module that integrates with Odoo. 

Learn to produce powerful Odoo Business Analysis Reports

More and more, businesses require access to real-time data for critical decision making. Long gone are the limited paper reports that just show you rows of information. Using Odoo's powerful Business Intelligence framework you can create custom business analysis reports that meet the demands of today.

Advanced Development Video Series - Developing in Odoo

In this video you will see step by step, real Odoo development in action. You will learn how to troubleshoot your modules and the steps every experienced Odoo developer must go through to create a successful Odoo Application. 

What do I have to know for this video?

This is an advanced Odoo Developer video topic. It assumes that you already know the basics of developing in Odoo. Make sure you are familiar with how to develop basic Odoo modules. Review the videos listed at the bottom of this page if you find that this topic is too advanced. 

Watch real world Odoo development in action. Learn what it really takes to become an Odoo developer.

When this video was created there was great temptation to edit down and eliminate all of the small steps even expert developers must go through to customize Odoo. Instead here at Odoo Class we feel it is important that you see the full process! How do you find problems in your code? How do you debug your application? What steps do you take when you get Internal Server errors or have a bug in your SQL statements? In this video you get to see real world Odoo development and learn the full process. You simply won't find this kind of training where you get to see what it really takes to become an expert Odoo developer. 

What kind of Business Intelligence Module does this video show you how to make

In this video you learn how to create a SQL query to pull data from Odoo's database and create a Business Intelligence Partnership Analysis that displays partnership information across a variety of a attributes.

Learn to build this Business Intelligence module in Odoo

Why do I need to learn to create a Business Intelligence module in Odoo?

Odoo provides a robust framework to create advanced Business Intelligence reports. To successfully create these modules you will need to understand basic SQL queries. This is outside the scope of Odoo development training and you will find many resources that can teach you to develop the SQL queries requied to build a Business Intelligence module in Odoo.