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Create a Report and Print Menu from scratch in Odoo

Create a Report and Print Menu from scratch in Odoo

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Learn to create an Odoo report and then call that add an entry into a menu that allows a user to run the report when they need it.

Video Length:   29 minutes
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Creating custom reports and print menus in Odoo

In previous Odoo Class videos we looked at how we can modify reports in Odoo and customize them to the requirements of your business. In this video we look at how you can create a report completely from scratch along with a print menu to launch the report.

Reports, another important ERP customization requirement

Along with the other recent videos from Odoo Class, this video focuses on one of the most common and almost essential customization requirements for many organizations. Creating reports that give your employees, vendors, and customers the information they require.

Completely self contained video, learn to build a new report

This video starts right at the beginning by creating a new module that adds a report to the project management application. All along the way you are shown the exact steps and even where you can find additional documentation to create your own reports in Odoo.

Why would I want to learn to build reports in Odoo?

While Odoo continues to add more reports to the system, there are often many reports that employees in an organization would like that are not built into Odoo. Like our previous videos that target customizing searching and customizing workflows, the ability to customize and new reports into Odoo is one of the most commone customization requests.

What are some of the things I should know before starting to build reports in Odoo?

It is important that you understand the basics of Odoo development. Please reference the videos at the bottom of the page for a few of the videos you should watch before attempting to build your own reports in Odoo.

What steps are involved in creating an Odoo report?

Most reports in Odoo are now built using the qWeb template language. This powerful but easy to use template language let's you easily interface with Odoo modules to pull data into your report. In this video you will exactly how to create this report and you will get introduced to a variety of resources as well.

What steps are involved in creating a menu in Odoo?

There are many ways to launch reports in Odoo. One of the most popular way to launch reports is to create a menu on the form. In this video we show you how to create that menu and then call the appropriate report. While the example is easy to understand and simple... you can build on this knowledge to create powerful solutions and add as many reports to Odoo as your solution requires. video exclusive

This video was produced exclusively for by Diogo Duarte. Many thanks for his great work on this!  You can email him directly at [email protected].