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Develop a Wizard and Integrate with a Custom Odoo Report

Develop a Wizard and Integrate with a Custom Odoo Report

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This intermediate Odoo developer video walks through how to create a wizard in Odoo and how to take the values from the wizard and use them to filter a custom created report.

Video Length:   1:32 hours
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Creating a wizard in Odoo that allows you to filter a report

When building a custom report in Odoo it is very common to need to restrict the data in the report by specific criteria. Perhaps you need to filter by department or the date range of the data. An Odoo Wizard can help you control the content of the reports you create. This video is designed to show you how to learn this import Odoo development skill.

Advanced Odoo Development Training

This is a relatively advanced topic that assumes you are comfortable building basic modules, understanding basic Python, and you know the basics of the Odoo framework. Please view the videos referenced at the bottom of the page if you are not already an experienced Odoo developer before watching this video.

Creating custom Odoo solutions that solve real business problems

Like our previous videos on custom searching, custom workflows, and custom reports we are focusing on videos that will give you the training to provide real solutions for real businesses. The ability to build a custom wizard to collect user information and to integrate that with a custom report gives you the ability to customize Odoo to many business requirements.

What do I have to know for this video?

This is an advanced Odoo Developer video topic. It assumes that you already know the basics of developing in Odoo. Make sure you are familiar with how to make a custom report in Odoo, the basics of qweb templates, how to install a module and perform basic debugging in Odoo. If you are new to developing in Odoo, you may want to review the videos listed at the bottom of this page under the associated videos before watching this video. 

Watch real world Odoo development in action. Learn what it really takes to become an Odoo developer.

When this video was created there was great temptation to edit down and eliminate all of the small steps even expert developers must go through to customize Odoo. Instead here at Odoo Class we feel it is important that you see the full process! How do you find problems in your code? How do you debug your application? What steps do you take when you get Internal Server errors or have a bug in your SQL statements? In this video you get to see real world Odoo development and learn the full process. You simply won't find this kind of training where you get to see what it really takes to become an expert Odoo developer. 

A wizard that allows you to pick a start and end date to filter data on a report.

Why do I need to learn to build a Wizard in Odoo to make reports?

While forms in Odoo are often printed one at a time and you can just have a simple, print button; many reports need to be run based on user criteria. In this video we look at one of the most common report requirements. The ability to filter reports based on a start and end date. As you get more data in your Odoo system, you will need methods to limit the data on reports and display only the information that is required by the end users. Wizards in Odoo allow you to collect information from users for a variety of reasons but one of the most useful to filter data on a report.