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Create Custom Web Forms in Odoo 9

Create Custom Web Forms in Odoo 9

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Odoo's web application contains a powerful framework for creating website forms that can be used for lead forms, product inquiries, press kits, and simple marketing surveys. This video begins by introducing you to Odoo's contact form module and then shows you exactly how to create your own custom web forms. Now in Odoo 9, Odoo Development for web applications is in great demand and this video is designed to get you up and running building your own custom forms.

Video Length:   39 Minutes
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Adding the ability to create Custom Forms to your Odoo Development Toolkit

Back before OpenERP became Odoo businesses had to rely on external website content managers like Word Press, Joomla, or Drupal to create easy to manage websites. Fortunately now in Odoo 9 we have a robust content manager that is integrated directly into Odoo along with powerful eCommerce tools and increasingly large library of Odoo templates and styles.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is an advanced Odoo video and not for beginners. OdooClass has many other videos aimed at beginning Odoo developers to help get you ready for this more advanced topic.

Learning how Odoo's framework handles web forms

In this video we start by introducing you to Odoo's contact form that is integrated with CRM application. Like most contact forms, Odoo's CRM contact form collects information on the customer. Because Odoo's web forms can be tightly integrated with Odoo's backend, the Odoo contact web form directly posts leads into Odoo's CRM application. Easy to integrate and easy to use.

Custom Odoo Web Forms - Essential Odoo Development

Now that Odoo has a full featured CMS the demand for creating custom forms that integrate with Odoo applications is a critical skill set for any aspiring Odoo Developer. Fortunately Odoo's framework gives you the tools you need to create these forms that integrate with Odoo applications. Even more fortunate, we have created a video that shows you exactly how to create the forms.

This video is for Intermediate to Advanced Odoo Developers

OdooClass now maintains the easily the largest collection of exclusive Odoo development and functional videos.  While we have many beginning Odoo Development videos, this is an advanced Odoo video  designed for Odoo developers who already know the basics.Please review our the associated videos below and other more basic Odoo videos before you attempt this more advanced Odoo topic.