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Understanding Models, Views & Actions Mastering Odoo 10 Development

Understanding Models, Views & Actions Mastering Odoo 10 Development

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Volume Two: In this course we introduce you to basic fundamental Odoo development. We use a real world Dealer Management System example to create a custom application... step-by-step. By the end of this 2 hour course you will be well on your way to learning essential Odoo Development skills.

Video Length:   2:00 Hours
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Learn how to Extend & Create Odoo Models

Models in the Odoo framework represent a business object. For example, a product is represented by the product.template model. A sales order is represented by the sale.order model. Learn how to extend Odoo models with your own custom fields. Use related fields to tie models together. By the end of this video you will even be creating your own custom models!

Learn to Modify Odoo Views to Display your Custom Fields

After you are introduced to the basics of Odoo models you will then learn how to add your new custom fields to existing Odoo views. As you progress through this video you will learn how to create views that can change dynamically depending on data as well as restrict the records your views display using domains.

Understanding Odoo Actions and Menus

To complete your basic Odoo developer training we finish this volume of Mastering Odoo Development with how to create Odoo actions and menus. After creating a new custom model you learn to create a menu and the necessary action to edit your new custom model. By the end of this video you will be well on your way to learning the basics of Odoo development.

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