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Development in Odoo 10 Using PyCharm

Development in Odoo 10 Using PyCharm

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Learn how to use the power PyCharm IDE to develop applications for Odoo

Video Length:   28 Minutes
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Using PyCharm to Accelerate Odoo Development

When developing applications in Odoo the language you will be required to use is Python. While there are many integrated development environments that can work with Python, PyCharm is one of the few that is specifically designed to support the Python keywords an syntax. Using PyCharm you will be able to more easily create, test, and debug your application than using a standard text editor.

One of the primary features of the PyCharm interface includes keyword highlighting that understands the Python syntax. This saves a lot of time and avoids coding errors.

 What are Some of the Features in PyCharm

PyCharm provides a robust text editor along with code completion, syntax and error highlighting, and can identify quick fixes for common problems in your code. There is a very robust code navigation window that allows you to easily navigate methods and classes. The integrated debugger makes it easy to test your Odoo applications and set various break points. 

Getting Started with Odoo Development and PyCharm

If you are brand new to Odoo Development you will likely want to begin by working your way through our Mastering Odoo 9 Development video series. This series will introduce you to Odoo development and teach you how to build basic application. If you choose, you can skip the Eclipse integration in that course and supplement in the PyCharm that is demonstrated in this video.