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Odoo 11 : Overview of New Features and Enhancements
Odoo 11 Overview of New Features and Enhancements
New UI enhancements, javascript & ORM improvements, 3 times faster
New procurement exceptions and messaging framework
Setting up reorder rules to trigger the creation of purchase orders
Activity monitoring and messaging - no order exceptions, just improved workflow
Scheduling activities in Odoo's adds powerful communication flexibility
How to run Odoo enterprise... (includes troubleshooting of enterprise installation)
Install the web enterprise module to turn Odoo community database into enterprise
New features in Odoo 11 Enterprise
Discover the new Appointment Scheduling application
Overview of Odoo Studio and discussion of potential use cases
Improved administration, configuration and settings page
More flexibility in screen layouts and options for phone layout previews
Odoo comprehensive cloud platform service, staging servers, custom apps -

Odoo 11 : Overview of New Features and Enhancements

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Odoo 11 continues to improve on Odoo's usability and technical framework. In this video we review the main new features and enhancements that have been incorporated into Odoo 11.

Video Length:   33:28 Minutes
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What is New in Odoo 11?

Odoo 11 focuses a great deal on improving the underlying framework and the ORM. The result is considerable stability and performance gains in Odoo 11.

This video is primarily for those who are familiar with earlier versions of Odoo and wish to learn about the new features and enhancements in Odoo 11. If you are new to Odoo you will wish to review some of the videos below in order to learn more about the overall features of Odoo.

What are a few of the Primary Functional Improvements in Odoo 11

Odoo 11 continues to improve on Odoo's usability and overall interface design.  Fortunately Odoo already had a very easy to use interface which means most of the actual functional improvements in Odoo 11 are minor.  Some core improvements include a scheduling / announcement system that enhances the procurement notifications as well as more responsive interface.  There have been improvements to specific applications such as Project Management and Accounting & Finance which has better support for more localisations.

What are some of the Primary Technical Improvements in Odoo 11

From our perspective at OdooClass, the upgrade from Odoo 10 to Odoo 11 is primarily a technical / framework upgrade. This means there are relatively few functional changes to Odoo from Odoo 10 to Odoo 11. Instead, most of the effort in this upgrade has been focused on improving the stability, performance, and design of the Odoo framework itself. Most notably, the ORM has been significantly improved delivering performance increases between 200%-300% depending on the operation. The Javascript stack has been re-designed and streamlined to improve the responsiveness of Odoo's front end interface.   In addition, Odoo Studio has been greatly improved making it easier to build robust Odoo applications with little or no programming.

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Odoo 11 - Activity Planning & Scheduling 

One of the major new features of Odoo 11 is a new activity scheduling framework that makes it easy for the system to notify users of critical events. This allows Odoo applications to centralize events for important business related transactions. In this video, we look at how these new activity events impact Odoo's procurement systems for sales, purchasing, and inventory management.

Instead of using the old procurement methods that required you to examine lists of failures, this new activity planning feature makes the entire process more event driven and creates appropriate audit trails and communication directly within the documents.

    Improved Odoo Studio - Customizing Odoo Apps

    Odoo 11 has a new and improved Odoo Studio application. With Odoo Studio, you can build powerful applications or customize existing Odoo applications with little or no code.  Odoo Studio is not just useful for developers who do not program. Odoo Studio can be used to prototype applications and can even export the application with full source code. 

    It is highly recommended that you understand the basics of Odoo Application Developmoent before you attempt to develop full blown applications with Odoo Studio. Instead think of Odoo Studio as a way to prototype and get a working application in front of your users quickly. For more information on Odoo Studio, please our full Odoo Studio video

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