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Managing Lead Times for Sales, Purchasing, and Manufacturing

Managing Lead Times for Sales, Purchasing, and Manufacturing

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In this video you will learn how to configure the lead days used for the procurement system inside Odoo. Sales, Purchase, and Manufacturing lead days and security lead days can be set to make sure that your keep your customer happy. 

Note: mistake at 15.50. Security Lead Times do not add days to Sales or Purchase.They subtract those days from the Commitment Date to get the Scheduled Date in the Inventory app.

Video Length:   55 Minutes
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                How is the Scheduled Delivery Date Computed in Odoo?

                Understanding how Odoo computers delivery dates

                This video is designed to give you a clear understanding of how Odoo computes delivery dates. With this knowledge you can create workflows that give you accurate and clear delivery and order fulfillment.  

                Configuring vendor lead times.  Vendor lead time is the number of days it takes for a vendor to get the product to your company. Every industry has different expectations from their vendors. While some vendors maybe able to fill and order and have it on your door the next day, many vendors will require far greater lead times to get the product to your door. One of the first strategies you can use when configuring an Odoo installation is to begin configuring your vendor lead times. 

                Configuring Customer Lead Times. In addition to vendor lead times you can also specify customer lead times. Unlike how it sounds, customer lead times are not specified in the customer form. Instead, customer lead times are specified on a product by product basis. A customer lead time is the time it takes for a product to go from your inventory or warehouse to the customer's doorstep. 

                Manufacturing lead times. Also located in the product screen, manufacturing lead times is the time it takes to manufacture a given product. As every product has different requirements and manufacture constraints it is natural that manufacturing lead times must be specified at the product level. 

                Sales & Purchasing Safety Days. In life, things do not always go as planned. In business it is inevitable things can and will go wrong. Safety Days are designed to give a buffer for your lead times and manufacturing times so that your customers can get their orders on time. Use Safety Days to add extra days to your estimated delivery and purchase delivery dates so that if there is a delay you will not be left without product.