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Automated Procurement, Purchasing and Manufacturing in Odoo 9
Introduction: Automated procurement for purchasing and manufacturing
Setting the product to stockable and configuring a buy route
Understanding the Make to Order route
Setting up the product vendors
Testing our automated purchase order procurement using make to order
See how to change procurement settings to reserve sales order manually
Automating procurement based on min / max rules
Looking at forecasting and how it is affected by delivery orders
Using automated procurement to create manufacturing orders
Troubleshooting procurement exceptions

Automated Procurement, Purchasing and Manufacturing in Odoo 9

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One of the powerful capabilities of Odoo is to automatically create both Purchase Orders and Manufacturing Orders using both Make To Order from the Sales Order Management application or using reorder levels to automatically generate procurements. This video takes you through from a totally new Odoo database install showing you how to install the necessary applications and configure each application properly to automate procurements within Odoo 9.

Video Length:   39 Minutes
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Automated Procurement Configuration in Odoo 9

While not extremely complex or techinical, Setting up an automated procurement system in Odoo 9 requires a strong undrestanding of Odoo's workflow and transaction handling, product configuration, and a basic grasp of the Purchasing or Manufacturing application. The primary goal is to automatically generate either purchase orders or manufacturing orders based on sales orders or inventory stock levels.

Understanding How to Use the Make To Order Option in Odoo

When you configure a product as 'Make To Order' within in Odoo, the system will attempt to make a purchase or manufacturing order for every sale of that item. Even if you have ten thousand of the product in stock and you create a sales order for just ONE of those products, Odoo will generate either a purchase order or manufacturing order based on the routing you have configured. In this video we show you exactly how to setup an Odoo product as make to order.

Configuring Odoo Product Procurement based on Inventory

While the make to order option will work for some business requirements many inventory systems work more efficiently using minimum / maximum levels to trigger purchase or manufacturing orders. This somewhat advanced Odoo Functional video shows you how to configure all these scenerios so you can create a procurement system that meets the needs of your organization. Please see the associated videos if you need to review the basics of Odoo purchasing or manufacturing.