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Mastering MRP Essentials - Odoo 9
Introduction: Mastering Odoo 9 MRP (Manufacturing) Essentials
Creating your first bill of materials (BOM) in Odoo manufacturing
Create your first manufacturing order
Creating and using multiple bill of materials for the same product
Specifying components by date range
Creating sub-assemblies with nested bill of materials
Managing your inventory sub-assemblies with Odoo MRP
Automatically create manufacturing orders with make to order products
Automate the creation of manufacturing orders with reorder min/max rules
Utilize work centers to track production

Mastering MRP Essentials - Odoo 9

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At the heart of many ERP systems is solid manufacturing commonly called MRP for Manufacture Resource Planning. This video uses a real world boat manufacturing case study example that covers all the basics of working with Odoo bill of materials, nested bill of materials for sub-assemblies and how to create manufacturing orders. Next we move into how to automatically create orders based on other manufacturing orders as well as reorder levels. Finally we look at how work centers and routing work together to provide more control over your manufacturing operations.

Video Length:   1:34 Hours
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Setting up Odoo MRP and Understanding Bill of Materials

We start off by learning how to create simple bill of materials and then process manufacturing orders from them. With our real world example using boat manufacturing we quickly get up and running at understanding how to create sub-assemblies and more complex bill of material configurations.

Using Odoo to Automatically Create Manufacturing Orders

Once you are comfortable with bill of materials and creating more complex sub-assemblies we learn how you can configure your products so they are managed through inventory and can create manufacturing orders automatically. We learn how make to order can create manufacturing orders based on other manufacturing requests as well as how to use reorder levels to keep minimum quantities of a given sub-assembly.

Using Work Centers and Routing to track and organize your orders

After learning the options for creating manufacturing orders we demonstrate how you can use work centers to provide far more control over your production operations. We look at how a work center can be used to the time required for given production processes and how to use routing to send a Bill of Material requirement to a given work center for completion. This video will prepare you to better understand more complex MRP topics and integration we will be introducing in upcoming videos.