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Increase the Performance of your Odoo Server

Increase the Performance of your Odoo Server

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Learn how to improve the performance of your Odoo server. In this video you will learn techniques such as Odoo's multi-threaded mode and pg_tune to fine tune your Odoo server and Postgres database to improve responsiveness and handle more simultaneous users.

Video Length:   14 Minutes
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Improving Odoo Server Performance - Ubuntu

Dramatically increase the performance of your Odoo installation

Over the years Odoo has become more stable, easier to install, and performs quite well with a standard out-of-the-box installation. However if you plan on hosting websites with Odoo or have an installation that involves more than a handful of users it is important to know how to configure Odoo so that it can better handle increased workload. The purpose of this video is to walk you through some of the more common methods of increasing server performance. 

Learn how to use Odoo in multi-worker mode. By default, Odoo runs with only one worker thread. This means as multiple users start using the Odoo installation they must all share that single worker thread. This is fine when you have only a few users. But if you have an Odoo installation that must support 10 users, 20 users, or even 100 or more users... you can get far more performance by using multi-worker mode.

Analyzing your server to determine where the bottlenecks are. In order to get the best performance from your Odoo server you must first learn how to analyze exactly where the bottlenecks and slowdowns are in your server. This often means analyzing your database configuration and using the tools available to determine where you need to focus your attention. In this video learn these important techniques to insure your Odoo installation is operating at top efficiency.

Getting a Professional Consultation on your Odoo Server. Here at OdooClass we have been involved in hundreds of Odoo server configurations from small one server shops to distributed server installs for billion dollar corporations. If this video does not bring your server performance to the level you desire contact us and we will work with you to determine how we can optimize your Odoo Server.