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Install Odoo 10 into LXD Ubuntu HyperVisor Containers

Install Odoo 10 into LXD Ubuntu HyperVisor Containers

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Utilize the powerful scalable LXD hypervisor containers for hosting an Odoo 10 installation.

Video Length:   26 Minutes
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Why would I setup Odoo 10 in a LXD Ubuntu Container?

LXD is a container hyper visor that provides a powerful interface toolset for Ubuntu that allows you to to manage and create application containers. These containers are highly scalable, portable and easily configured and managed. Naturally the ability to easily manage these application containers make a perfect platform for deploying Odoo installations.

What are some of the Advantage of HyperVisor Containers

Containers offer portability and speed with the same ease of configuration as virtual machines. Even better these container tools are built from the ground up to make it easy to lift and move applications such as Odoo without having to modify operations. If you are looking for a way to quickly deploy robust Odoo installations this is the deployment technology you should be looking at

What do I need to know to install Odoo on a LXD Container?

You should have a basic understanding of Ubuntu and virtual machines. If you are unfamiliar with basic Odoo installs you should review the associated videos below. Be prepared to spend some time with other Odoo configuration videos and supplement your research if you intend to setup a complete production Odoo systems.