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How to Configure an Inbound Odoo Email Server

How to Configure an Inbound Odoo Email Server

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Odoo has a powerful email communication platform. Learn how to configure Odoo to handle incoming emails and create aliases to route incoming emails to the users inbox in Odoo.

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How Do I configure Odoo to handle Incoming Emails?

Setting up Odoo to handle Emails

One of the most important aspects of setting up an ERP system or any business system platform is communication. Today more than ever customers expect to receive email confirmations and interact with your company through emails. Fortunately Odoo provides a powerful communication platform that integrates email messaging and communication into your transactions and your business documents. 

Setting up your Odoo email server. Learn how to configure an Odoo email server and create a mailbox alias that can be used to route incoming emails to specific users. In the example provided we learn how to route a sales email sent to an email address to create a lead inside of the Odoo CRM application.  If you have any difficulty after watching the video just contact us at [email protected] and we will assist you with your specific email setup. 

Creating Actions on Incoming Emails
. A second scenario that is covered in the video is when you have an incoming email and you want an action performed on that email without regard to the specific email alias. This can give great flexibility in how you create processes and workflows for your emails. As you can see in the screen shot below you have the option to create actions to perform on incoming emails or trigger a server action. 

Better Communication with your Customers and Vendors. A successful business platform must handle communication challenges. Central to that challenge is a system that can elegantly handle email communication. For outgoing emails this can mean such things as auto-replies to contact forms, scheduling confirmations, order receipts, login / password information, announcements, and much more. There are however some very good uses cases for processing incoming emails.

Example Use Cases for processing Incoming Emails in Odoo. Customers will often send emails to companies expecting a clear and timely response.  In the video provided we look at how you can configure Odoo to automatically create a CRM lead from an email sent by a potential customer. Because you have control over the emails that Odoo sends to your customer it also means you can then create systems that handle replies to those communications. This opens up a lot of flexibility in how you can design a robust communication platform with Odoo. So what are a few of other use cases for incoming emails?

  • Automatically create a support request ticket from emails sent to an @support email alias 

  • Create an auto-reply to let the customer know you have received their email

  • Develop an email survey system that tabulates survey results from email submissions

  • Machine Learning and AI training applications involving email parsing and analysis

  • Purchasing communication systems to confirm shipments and tracking information

  • Custom email processing solutions for handling web form submissions and other web service integrations