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Handling Rental Products and Services in Odoo

Handling Rental Products and Services in Odoo

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In this video you will learn how to install and implement an OCA Community Application that enables Odoo to handle equipment rentals and rental services.

Video Length:   38 Minutes
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Finding and Installing OCA Community Applications

The OCA or Odoo Community Association is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use. One of their primary goals is to create and update applications that provide additional functionality to the Odoo Community Edition. At the beginning of this video you will learn how to find, download, and install the Sales Rental Application.

Using Odoo in a Product or Service Rental Business

The OCA Sales Rental application adds additional capabilities to Odoo's core application so they can better support business that handle rentals. Specifically the application allows you to setup regular rentals, rental extensions, and then also you to easily perform 'rent to own' transactions as well. In this video you will learn how to configure the sales rental application. 

Expanding Odoo's Capabilities and Creating Solutions

Odoo is a powerful application platform largely because of the thousands of community add on modules that are available. Understanding how to find, install, and configure these addons are very important. Often they can solve solutions without you having to write custom code. In other situations while they may not accomplish 100% of the task, they can be extremely valuable in solving core requirements in which you can build upon.