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Customize POS Receipts in Odoo

Customize POS Receipts in Odoo

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If you are integrating Point of Sale (POS) systems in Odoo it is inevitable that you will be asked to customize the receipt to meet the specific business requirements. This video walks you through step-by-step you to customize a POS receipt in Odoo.

Video Length:   27 Minutes
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Common customization in Odoo Point of Sale Systems

Continuing on from the previous video on customizing Odoo POS we look at one of the most common requirements for customizing Odoo point of sale systems: Creating a Point of Sale (POS) receipt that is customized for specific business requirements. 

Understanding the Odoo point of sale framework

Typically the Odoo development videos we create are applicable across all applications. Point of Sale however has a slightly different architecture that requires an Odoo developer to understand their offline database that allows the Point of Sale system to continue operation even when there is no access to the Internet. This video will help you better understand the Odoo Point of Sale framework.

Important skills for any serious Odoo Developer

Like any other platform Odoo takes time to learn regardless of the path you take. This video fits square in our goal of providing the most important topics that will take your Odoo development skills to the next level. While this video was created for Odoo 10, regardless of the version of Odoo you are using this video will help you customize the receipt in the POS application.

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Step-by-step Odoo Development

Often times when you are putting together a point of sale there will be additional information you would like to include on a sales receipt. Unlike traditional reporting, Odoo's point of sale framework requires a little more effort. 

In our video case example we take a look at pos_member and how we can use Odoo to create memberships through the point of sale system. For example, perhaps you would like to use Odoo to manage gym memberships or perhaps create a retail rewards program. 

We can learn how to customize Odoo's point of sale system to handle these types of business requirements. Even better, you can learn how to integrate your custom modules so that they can run while your pc, tablet or even phone is offline!  This makes Odoo one of the most flexible open source Point of Sale systems you will find.