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Setup Point of Sale System with Barcode, Receipt Printer, & Cash Drawer in Odoo
Introduction: Setting up a POS System with Barcode, Receipt Printer & Cash Drawer in Odoo
Configure Odoo Point of Sale POSBox using Print for Proxy and Scan for Proxy
Setting up the products with barcodes for scanning
Live video setting up the Odoo point of sale hardware
Hooking up the usb barcode scanner
Connecting the POSBox to the network using an Ethernet cable
Setting up the receipt printer
Hookup the cash drawer to the receipt printer to open the drawer automatically
Test out the point of sale using a tablet (ipad) and the POS hardware

Setup Point of Sale System with Barcode, Receipt Printer, & Cash Drawer in Odoo

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Odoo 8 has a powerful Point of Sale system that can be easily configured to work with a cash drawer, receipt printer and bar code reader. This video shows you how to hookup the POSBox hardware and configure the software correctly to work with the barcode reader.See how to setup a real Odoo point of sale system.

Video Length:   12:05 minutes
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Learn to setup a complete Point of Sale System in Odoo

In this video we demonstrate exactly how to setup the Point of Sale hardware to use with with Odoo's Point of Sale System. This include a bar code scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer integration along with how to work with a tablet to perform the actual point of sale transactions.

See exactly how to hookup the Point of Sale hardware

Instead of just describing the setup, we actually show you in the video where everything gets plugged in and how you make all the necessary connections to get your point of sale system up and running fast. In this video, the total setup time and configuration is just over 10 minutes. Once you learn how to do it... It's very easy.

Odoo's POSBox makes setting up a Point of Sale system easy

After changing just three settings in Odoo, you are ready to get up and running using the POSbox for your Odoo point of sale system. Also in the video you will see how to enter new products and configure them to use bar coding and how to convert a UPC barcode over into an EAN13 barcode for use within Odoo.

What do I have to know for this video?

This is a fairly basic Odoo functional video that shows you how to configure the hardware for an Odoo Point of Sale System. To learn the basics of configuring an Odoo Point of Sale system you may wish to first watch Understanding Point of Sale in Odoo 8. 

Why would I use Odoo's Point of Sale System?

With the release of Odoo 8 you now have the option to configure a very powerful Point of Sale system. Furthermore, it integrates very well with the rest of Odoo, leveraging your information, product setup, and inventory systems. While some systems may do Point of Sale well, they simply don't have flexibliity and integration with a powerful ERP system that Odoo provides. For franchise operations, Odoo's Point of Sale system can provide you a platform that you can grow and customize to meet the exact needs of a growing company.

Furthermore, Odoo works very well with inexpensive tablets. Their POSBox makes setup easy. It is also a polished easy to learn point of sale system.

Setting up a receipt printer and bar code reader for Odoo Point of Sale

For most Point of Sale systems you are going to need a receipt printer and bar code reader. Optionally, you may wish to have an automated cash drawer that will open automatically once the sale is completed. That is the configuration we demonstrate in the video. Setting up this hardware is easy using Odoo's POS Box and will take you only about 10-15 minutes once you know how to do it. This video shows you step by step how to configure a point of sale system.

Using UPC barcodes with Odoo's EAN13 barcode configuration

In Europe, the most common barcode format is EAN13. Other countries use alternative formats but one of the most popular, used within the United States, is UPC-A. It is relatively easy to convert a UPC barcode to EAN13 by adding a zero to the front of the UPC code. Odoo validates that barcode and makes sure that it is a valid EAN13 format. In this video we show you how to configure these bar codes in Odoo.

Setup a Point of Sale system in Odoo.. transform your retail business

Why do I need to learn to create a Business Intelligence module in Odoo?

Odoo provides a robust framework to create advanced Business Intelligence reports. To successfully create these modules you will need to understand basic SQL queries. This is outside the scope of Odoo development training and you will find many resources that can teach you to develop the SQL queries requied to build a Business Intelligence module in Odoo.