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Create Multiple Websites, Domains, and Pricelists in Odoo

Create Multiple Websites, Domains, and Pricelists in Odoo

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In this video learn how to create multiple websites that work off a single Odoo Database. Have unique domain names for each website and even setup price lists for unique websites. Even better, you can do all this through developer mode. Full step-by-step walk through.

Video Length:   36 Minutes
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          Single Odoo Database - Multiple Websites & Domain Names

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          Do you need to have multiple Odoo websites with ONE Odoo database?

          Without writing any Python code you can setup your Odoo installation to have multiple Odoo websites working off a single Odoo instance. No custom code required.

              How can I have multiple Odoo websites with one Database?

              Overview of multiple database in Odoo

              In just a few minutes you could have your Odoo instance supporting multiple websites all without writing any Python code. This video walks you through how to create multiple websites with their own unique domain name using only Odoo Community edition and the Odoo Developer Mode to get started. 

              Configure your Hosts file on Ubuntu. We lead off the video with a simple trick that allows you to test multiple domain names without having to go through your Domain name host or change DNS settings with your domain provider. After you have thoroughly tested your multi-site Odoo installation you can then update the DNS settings with your domain name provider.

              Create a server block in NGINX to route the domain to your server. As Odoo will run typically on port 8069 or another port you wish to designate, we demonstrate in the video how to create the NGINX server entries so the domain you enter in the browser will know how to find Odoo running on your server.

              Use Developer Mode and the Odoo interface to create your pages. The main tutorial for how to create multiple websites in Odoo using the developer mode. Setup your new website by navigating the Odoo interface. Learn how once you get everything setup you can add new pages, modify menus, and create unique content. All from within the standard Odoo website editor.

              Implementing ecommerce for multiple websites. After we have the content management part of managing multiple websites we then move on to installing ecommerce. As Odoo will only install a 'SHOP' menu for the primary website, we show you how to add a new shop menu for the other website you configure. ONE TIP -- Always clear your cookies and cache in your browser when you modifying the host headers for your new websites. If you fail to do this you will not get accurate testing as Odoo caches the domain name and does not perform the function to route traffic to a specific page or website when you update it in the database. YOU MUST CLEAR THE CACHE AND COOKIES TO SEE YOUR CHANGES WHEN MODIFYING THE HOST HEADER FOR THE WEBSITE.

              Unique price lists for each website. In our last segment of the video we demonstrate how you can assign unique price lists to websites in Odoo. That's right! Built-in, out of the box Odoo supports different price lists depending on the website. By the end of the video you will see just how functional Odoo is at configuring multiple websites without ANY custom applications or custom Python code. 

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                        Multiple Websites - Additional Features

                        Consider this video a primer in how to implement a single Odoo database with multiple websites. While we can accomplish a great deal with just developer mode, our next video will be covering how to close the gap with additional features including:

                        Multiple Host Headers for each website – out of the box Odoo only allows a single unique host header for your website. Learn how to have unlimited host headers.

                        Limit Products by website. In this video you learn how to have unique price lists by website, but there is no way with standard Odoo (that I am aware) to limit the products that display by website. We show you how to do this step by step!

                        Learn developer techniques for multiple websites. While you can get far with Odoo Developer Mode or Odoo Studio it simply doesn't compare to the control and functionality you can build by developing an Odoo application. In our next video, learn how to create a custom application that expands the functionality of multiple websites running in Odoo.