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Advanced Odoo Development - Mastering Odoo 10 Development

Advanced Odoo Development - Mastering Odoo 10 Development

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Volume 3: Learn to build powerful Odoo Applications. This is the perfect video course for those who understand the basics of Odoo development and are looking to take their development skills to the next level. Carefully paced to provide reinforcement of existing skills while always learning more about the Odoo framework.

Video Length:   2:25 Hours
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Learn to Build Powerful Odoo Applications

Following up from volume 2 we continue our real-world application example to build a Dealer Management System.  In this course you will learn about security, custom views, writing custom methods, and utilizing important features of the Odoo framework. If you are brand new to Odoo Development make sure you check Mastering Odoo 10 Development Volume One & Two.

Perfectly paced training for aspiring Odoo Developers

This course is designed for Odoo developers who are serious about learning Odoo and taking their skills to the next level. A lot of thought was put into the pace and speed of the training. In just less than 2 1/2 hours you will learn advanced Odoo Development techniques that will give you the confidence to tackle virtually any requirement.

Are you Ready to Become an Expert Odoo Developer?

Odoo is a power business application platform with an equally powerful framework. The learning curve however is very real. Here at OdooClass we have worked extra hard on this course to provide real-world examples of Odoo development. Even if you have struggled previously at understanding the Odoo framework this course will give you the confidence you need to build powerful Odoo applications.

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Create a Full Featured Odoo Application

In this course you won't just add a few fields to an existing model. This course is for those who already know the basics are ready to begin writing full featured Odoo Applications. We begin by creating an entire new model for the Vehicle Record. This record is unique for every vehicle the dealer brings on the lot, manages, and sells. 

Learn Essential Odoo Development Skills:

  • Become a master at model relationships (Many2one, One2Many, Related)

  • Learn to format your views using forms, headers, sheets, and groups

  • Add states and a status bar to you models... write methods to control state

  • Learn how to create custom methods and supercharge your application

  • Integrate Open Chatter and messaging services

  • Learn how and when to use related fields

  • Over 2 1/2 hours of carefully paced Odoo Developer Training

  • GAIN CONFIDENCE and take your Odoo Development skills to the next level!