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Using Odoo Functional and Related Fields for Reporting Freight

Using Odoo Functional and Related Fields for Reporting Freight

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This developer video looks at how Odoo functional fields and Odoo related fields can be combined to solve a real world business problem. Specifically, the requirement to break out freight or shipping charges into their own field on a sales order header.

Video Length:   39 minutes
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Providing a custom welcome screen for Odoo users

Like many of our videos, this video was created out of a specific feature that simply is not available in standard Odoo. In this case, we wanted to explore how we could have a custom welcome screen the first time a user logs into Odoo. Once the user had successfully logged in and was presented the welcome screen, it would then clear out that action so they would not get the screen on subsequent logins. 

Odoo customization that increases customer satisfaction

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. While we had a specific goal to have a welcome message, the video takes a more generic approach allowing you to attach any action you wish when the user logs in. Taking the design from the Odoo home action, Diogo walks experienced Odoo developers through the design and the steps used to implement the Odoo module.

Watch advanced Odoo development in action

Part of the purpose of these advanced Odoo developer videos is to give insight into the process behind building an Odoo module. Therefore we have asked Diogo to allow us to see the steps he takes in implementing the design. You get the value of not just seeing all the code that must be written to accomplish the objective. This video demonstrates how you can research the framework, find and locate where you must change code, and how to leverage existing Odoo functionality to save development time.

Under what circumstances should I use functional fields in Odoo?

 Often times when reporting data in a database you may need access to information that can be calculated on the fly. For example, the sub-total of a sales order is the sum of the sub-total of the line items of the sales order. There is no need to actually store the sub-total for the entire sales order when the system can calculate that sub-total based on the line items. In the real use case study used in this video we store freight in the header of the sales order much like the sub-total is stored there. We calculate this freight based on the line items in the order, but we make the freight amount available so it can be reported easily on different documents in the header. 

See the difference between the old API vs the new Odoo API 

 In this video we break down the problem and implement the functional field solution using the older Odoo API. Now with Odoo version 9, it is more important than ever that developers understand both the old and new Odoo API. Remember, much of the community modules and even much of the code under Odoo 8 is in the old Odoo API. It is still vital that an expert Odoo developer understand both API's for at least through 2016. 

We have created a video that demonstrates how to create the same solution using the new Odoo API:  Understand the new Odoo API