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Using Docker with an Odoo Installation

Using Docker with an Odoo Installation

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In this video you learn how Docker can be used to encapsulate an Odoo installation for making Odoo installations more modular and more portable between servers.

Video Length:   32 Minutes
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What is Docker?

Docker is a software that allows you to create containers that wrap up software installations into a complete filesystem that contains everything needed for that software to run: that can include code, runtime executables, configuration files, system libraries – all the requirements you would typically install on a server to enable that software to run. As Odoo installations have many dependencies and configuration requirements, Docker is one way to make Odoo installations far more portable and easier to manage.

Setting up Docker with Odoo 

Fortunately Docker has a lot of good documentation and relatively easy to setup. This video focuses on how you use Docker with Odoo to get an installation up and running. From there you learn how to do such things as start and stop the Odoo server. If you are interested in learning how to create modular Odoo installations that can easily be moved between servers or if you wish to host multiple Odoo installations on the same server, Docker can make this far more easy once you understand the basics. 

What do I need to know? 

This video assumes that you have a basic understanding of how to install Odoo and perform basic operations in Ubuntu. if you are completely new to installing Odoo you will want to consider watching Odoo Installation Ubuntu Bootcamp or one of the other Odoo installation videos that covers basic Odoo installations.