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Exploring New Features in Odoo 9

Exploring New Features in Odoo 9

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UPDATE - This build has been renamed from an Odoo 9 release to "Odoo Online Summer 2015 Release". The final release of Odoo 9 has been moved to the last quarter of 2015 and will include additional features not covered in this video.

Video Length:   1:07 Hours
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Get a head start on the new features available in Odoo 9

In this video we look ahead to cover some of the exciting new features that will be included in Odoo 9. Many of these changes address usability and provide better functional solutions to businesses in virtually every industry. Odoo 9 certainly takes Odoo another giant leap ahead in web builder functionality, point of sale, content publishing, and overall ease of use.

Should I upgrade to Odoo 9?

If you are already running Odoo 8 you will have to consider what it will take to convert your existing system over to Odoo 9 to take advantage of the additional features. This video as well as the videos we produce in the months ahead will help you discover some of the features and assist you in determining if upgrading to Odoo 9 is right for you.

What are some of the new features in Odoo 9?

In this video we cover some of the major new features that have been announced and emphasized iin the community. These include but are not limited to:
  • Improved interface for filters
  • Keep multiple versions of your website
  • New WYSIWYG editor for the website builder
  • Enhanced interface for inserting blocks
  • New floor plan builder for Restaurant POS
  • Powerful new presentation application with 'Youtube' like channel publisher
  • New marketing tools for links and lead tracking

When is Odoo 9 expected to come out?

This video is based on a release candidate of Odoo as of June, 2015. A final release of Odoo 9 is expected by August or September of 2015. Currently Odoo 9 should only be used for developer or testing and should not be used for production systems.

Is it hard to upgrade from Odoo version 8 to version 9?

Like many things in ERP systems... it depends. If you have little or no customization to your current Odoo 8 installation then upgrading to Odoo 9 can be relatively painless if you use Odoo SA's enterprise conversion service. They will have you encrypt your database and send it to them for conversion. They convert your Odoo 8 database into an Odoo 9 database and send the database back to you ready to use in Odoo 9. Currently this is a service provided only to paying Odoo enterprise clients. 

Can I convert from Odoo 8 to Odoo 9 myself?

It can be very challenging to convert an entire Odoo 8 database over to Odoo 9 even for Odoo experts. This is the same with any ERP system in which you would have a set of scripts that would actually upgrade one system over to another system. Unfortunately while Odoo is free and open source, the scripts to upgrade from one version of Odoo to another version of Odoo are not available for free. What is available for free can assist you in converting parts of Odoo and some applications. But there is no 'free' method to easily covert Odoo 8 to Odoo 9.

What is website versioning and how does it work in Odoo 9?

Website versioning allows you to keep different sets of pages for your website making it easier to produce and manage your content. For example, you may want to modify your site with some updated information. However before it goes live you need people to look at the site and verify that it has the information required. 

Without web versioning this was extremely difficult to manage with the way Odoo's web designer functions. As you could only have one page at a time, you had to change the pages live. Even more concerning is that if you did have dozens of pages on a test server, there is no easy way to push those pages to the production server. 

While you still would likely want to look at our video on moving pages between Odoo databases for large sites, the new web versioning in Odoo 9 makes it possible to better manage your website.

An entire media presentation platform

The new slides and presentation application is more than just a fancy video gallery. It is like having a light weight Youtube platform right at your finger tips. Publish channels of video content, Powerpoint, or any Open Document presentation. 

Allow users to create content

Not only can you generate content and publish that content... you can configure the applciation so that users can have their own channel, publish videos, and share their content with others. Create the content publically or privately. You have complete control of your presentation and who sees it.

Share and embed your content anywhere

Easily share your presentations on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media platforms. Statistics let you see at a glance how each channel is performing.