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Convert Bootstrap AdminLTE to an Odoo Theme

Convert Bootstrap AdminLTE to an Odoo Theme

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Advanced video that shows you how to convert AdminLTE Bootstrap Theme into Odoo. Subscribers have access to the converted Odoo AdminLTE theme source code.

Video Length:   55 Minutes
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Part of a new Odoo Themes Collection at

Odoo's powerful new CMS features offer a great deal of flexibility in implementing a variety of Bootstrap Odoo templates. In earlier videos that you can reference in the associated videos at the bottom of the page you can learn the basics of converting a bootstrap theme to Odoo. This video takes it further and is part of a new direction at  Free themes for subscribers along with videos on how the themes have been converted.  A growing collection of Odoo themes that we can build on.
There are several more Odoo themes along with videos that will be uploaded in the weeks ahead. In the months ahead we intend to keep adding additional themes for subscribers based on feedback and recommendations.

Why convert the AdminLTE Bootstrap theme to Odoo?

One of the best things about the new Odoo CMS is that it is based on the bootstrap framework. AdminLTE is an admin bootstrap theme that includes a variety of controls. While this video does not cover converting every control, many controls are covered so you can take and convert the controls you require for your solution. For less than the cost of many commerical Odoo themes, learn to convert one of the best bootstrap theme to Odoo. From there, you can learn to convert countless bootstrap themes to Odoo.

Learn to integrate widgets into an Odoo theme

While this is an advanced video, it still starts at the beginning with downloading the AdminLTE bootstrap theme and doing the basic conversions required to get the theme running in Odoo. Unfortunately converting a complex bootstrap theme in Odoo requires expert Odoo development skills. While there are several free bootstrap themes that are popular, AdminLTE is one of the most popular dashboard themes that provides a great variety of controls. This video goes into how to create widgets inside of the Odoo framework so you can wire in the dashboard controls of AdminLTE. Finally the video shows how you can tie controls to Odoo models and dynamically change the values in the controls.

How do I get the source code for the AdminLTE bootstrap theme?

You can get the standard AdminLTE bootstrap theme for free by downloading it here. This video shows you how to convert that theme into Odoo. We do make the source code for the Odoo AdminLTE bootstrap theme you see converted in the video available for free to current Odoo subscribers. Please watch the video for details on how to access the AdminLTE theme in Odoo. 

What are some uses for the AdminLTE bootstrap theme inside of Odoo?

One of the great things about the AdminLTE theme is that it provides many widgets that are valuable for displaying data from Odoo's modules. While many Odoo themes are simple data containers, AdminLTE provides easy to use widgets that for an experienced Odoo developer can create complex dashboards that are both attractive and functional. You simply won't find a better free dashboard bootstrap theme than AdminLTE. Now learn how to get it into Odoo.

Note: This video shows how to convert the theme and bring three functional widgets from the theme into Odoo.  It is not a full conversion of every widget in AdminLTE but instead a foundation for those who wish to use AdminLTE's many widgets.

NOTE: This video is provided as-is and is not intended to be a full Odoo Class tutorial

The video for the Odoo AdminLTE bootstrap theme was not produced internally at but instead this video was a byproduct of the theme conversion performed by an expert Odoo developer. Instead of this being a video only product, it is instead the foundation for a theme conversion with source code... consider the video as a extra bonus. If you need a tutorial on converting Bootstrap themes to Odoo then you will want to see How to Import Bootstrap themes into Odoo

Why are you including this video?

While this is primarily a theme product and not just a video and we are aware the video does not contain the quality of tutorial and training aspects that is typical with videos, we are still providing this video to subscribers as it does contain value for advanced developers who can follow along with the developer who is converting the theme. 

Future videos on converting Odoo themes

We are working on new Odoo tutorials for converting themes from bootstrap to Odoo CMS. This is an ongoing effort and depending on feedback from subscribers we will continue to provide additional tutorial resources on converting Odoo themes.

How do you begin to convert a bootstrap theme over to Odoo?

At the bottom of this page you can see some associated vidoes that are essential for having the basic knowledge required to convert an Odoo theme. This is an advanced video that was put together by an expert Odoo developer. While it does start at the beginning, it doesn't take a step by step approach the same as many of the other Odoo videos. Instead this video is provided for those that want insight into what it really takes to do a complex theme conversion. So don't expect if you are a beginning developer to learn from this video or the provided source code. 

Odoo themes still use a structure similar to other Odoo modules

When you convert an Odoo theme you will still create a module and install that module in much the same ways as other Odoo modules. The structure is slightly different and there are additional requirements to have a functional theme.
  • Static/src folder - this folder contains css files, images, fonts, and other static files. 
  • Views
    • My_theme.xml - Maintains the basic meta data for the Odoo theme
    • Snippets.xml - This contains the structures for the snippets that can be used within the Odoo theme
    • options.xml - When you drop a widget/snippet on a page there can be options associated. This file maintains these available options.
    • pages.xml - This maintains static pages for the theme.

Basic Odoo structure for pages.XML

The pages.xml maintains a simple structure.
<template id="website.homepage" name="Homepage" page="True">
         <title>Page Title</title>
         <h1> Here you can build your web page. </h1>

Creating an Odoo structure for snippets.xml

In the video you will get a chance to see how you can take a bootstrap theme and convert that theme to support Odoo's snippet.xml format. This allows you to drag and drop and add to the "Insert Block" options. For the AdminLTE theme, learning how to create new snippets for the Odoo framework is essential. This video builds on what is learned in How to import Bootstrap themes into Odoo in which the very basics of converting a standard free bootstrap theme into Odoo is covered. The goal however is not to convert every last widget that is in AdminLTE over to Odoo... the goal is to provide you three complete examples of creating these widgets and then provide the module with source code so you can then build on it and move over the widgets that you need. 

What if I need a Widget in AdminLTE that is not provided in the source code?

AdminLTE provides a great variety of widgets in which converting them is outside the scope of this video. The intent of this video is to provide an Odoo developer the essential skills they need to convert widgets and integrate them into Odoo. That said, if you are an Odoo Class subscriber and wish to convert a specific widget that is not covered in this video please let us know... we can help you convert that widget or can create a video that focuses specifically on converting that widget over to Odoo.