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Understanding Point of Sale in Odoo 8

Understanding Point of Sale in Odoo 8

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This 58 minute video covers the point of sale system, how to open sessions, close sessions, and manage cash register control in Odoo 8.

Video Length:   58 Minutes
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Learn Odoo 8's powerful Point of Sale Application 

Now with the ability to run on Android Tablet's, Ipads, as well as PC terminals the Odoo 8 Point of Sale system offers a powerful and flexible Point of Sale system that is both easy to use and customizable Even if you don't plan to use Point of Sale for your business, this powerful application is one of the reasons that Odoo is the #1 Open Source business application framework and is worth understanding how it fits into the overall strategy of Odoo's full suite of software.

See how to easily configure your Odoo Point of Sale System

The video begins by walking through the basics of creating a session and ringing up items on the POS terminal. The easy touch screen interface makes it easy. Learn to change quantities, prices, and add discounts to items on the fly. 

Full control over your cash register and daily postings

Odoo 8 makes it easy to setup and get running without a lot of configuration. Yet in this video we go further and explore how you can configure Odoo Point of Sale to provide powerful cash register control. Specify the exact quantities of each denomination when you start your session. Easily reconcile at the end of the day.

Using Odoo Point of Sale on Mobile Devices

One of the most exciting features of Odoo's new point of sale application is that it works with mobile devices with no special configuration. We cover the easy to use controls that allow you to create multiple customer sessions, assign customers if you require, pause/resume sessions and look at the analysis specifically designed for point of sale.

Easy to use touchscreen controls

From the beginning the Odoo 8 Point of Sale system was built for touch screens. Learn in this video how to configure the point of sale system and see a demo at the end of it running on an Ipad with no setup required.  Quick controls allow you with the touch of a finger to set quantites, adjust prices, and add discounts to items in the shopping cart.

What is the overall scope of this video?

This video begins with an introduction to the point of sale application. We start at the very beginning, creating the Odoo database and installing the Odoo Point of Sale Application. We then explore the basics of creating a session in Odoo 8 POS. We see how to add items to the cart, change their quantities, modify prices, and add discounts. We look at how you can figure categories and nest categories for greater control. You learn how to assign customer on the fly to the sale. Finally we cover the check out process, how the sales are reported, and look at the point of sale analysis reports provided by Odoo.

What is the process for opening and closing session in Odoo Point of Sale

In the Point of Sale application Odoo groups customer transactions into sessions. These sessions allow yout organize your sales batches by users and make it easier to manage the process. This fits in smoothly with the way other point of sale systems typically manage their applications. Out of the box, Odoo provides an easy to use configurration that lets you start a session, open a ticket and start running orders through the system immediately.

What is cash control and how do I configure it in Odoo 8?

By default Odoo just let's you start selling and at the end of the day posts the sales to your sales journal. It does not ask you to verify that the money you have received during the session matches what you have in your cash drawer. In this video we show you how to configure cash control so that you can properly reconcile the cash that was in the drawer in the start of the session with the transactions that were received throughout, with the money remaining in the cash drawer when the session is closed. The video covers both the setup of the session to manage cash control as well as the process that you go through to reconcile at the end of the session.

How does Odoo 8 Point of Sale tie in with accounting and the sales journal?

Like most of the Odoo applications, Odoo Point of Sale creates a set of default accounts for the application that make it very easy to get up and running fast. When sales are posted from the point of sale module they are posted to the sales journal specified to that cash register. For many small operations the default sales journal will be fine. At any time you can go in and look at the sales analysis. In the video we show you how to find that information quickly and see data by product as well as analyze by date. Still, most people will want to install Accounting & Finance so they can get more detail on the specific accounts an perform the tasks required for running their operations... such as maintaining income statement and balance sheets.