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Managing multiple shipping and invoice addresses in Odoo

Managing multiple shipping and invoice addresses in Odoo

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The handling of multiple addresses has improved in Odoo 8. Still, it can be a little bit tricky understanding exactly how to manage multiple shipping addresses in Odoo. This video covers some of the little tips and tricks to make it easier.

Video Length:   22 minutes
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Learn how you can have alternative shipping addresses

This video is for those who wish to work with multiple shipping addresses in Odoo. When you first install Odoo's Sales Management module by default you are limited to one address for both your invoicing and delivery. Many companies, if not most, on occasion need to ship products to an address that is different than the invoice address of the customer. This video shows you step by step how to do that in Odoo.

Entering new addresses in Odoo and link the addresses to customers

Once the video shows you how to configure Odoo to handle alternative invoicing and shipping addresses we walk through how you can enter new addresses and tie the new address to the customer. We walk through examples how to configure alternate invoicing addresses as well and maintain an address that is different from your company headquarters.

Practices for managing multiple addresses in Odoo

As you create new shipping and invoicing addresses in Odoo you will soon notice that these addresses start appearing in your customers screen. By default, Odoo displays shipping and invoicing addresses as they in Odoo's eyes 'customers'. We show you how to create a filter if you wish to limit the searches so your customer list is not litered with all the various shipping locations.

Now you can configure multiple shipping addresses in Odoo

TIP: Make sure you set the parent company for your shipping address

If you create a new address you can make it a shipping address and tie it to a parent company by first selecting the company and then selecting shipping under the address type. Then when you create a quotation or sales order, Odoo will automatically use this address for shipping. In the video we walk through exactly how to configure multiple shipping addresses and how you can make them work for your business.