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Odoo 8 Importing Data & Business Intelligence

Odoo 8 Importing Data & Business Intelligence

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This video demonstrates how to import data into Odoo and then use that data within Odoo's powerful business intelligence framework.

Video Length:   42 min.
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Learn how to use Odoo 8's import & export data features

In this video we begin by exporting out a record from the Odoo CRM system. This provides a template that we can use in order to import opportunity data into the Odoo 8's new CRM application. Using a free service at we create 100 random CRM opportunity records that we then import into Odoo 8.

Business Intelligence using Odoo

One of the great new featuers in Odoo 8 is the new business intelligence tools that allow you to look at data from various angles. Using the data we imported during the first part of the video we explore how you can add drill into information to get just the data you require.

Getting the most out of Odoo 8

Not only does the new business intelligence features in Odoo let you just see data, it also provides bar charts, line charts and pie charts. We even take a look at the heat maps using our generated data and explain how they can be applied to the Odoo 8 piviot tables.