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Learn Odoo Scaffolding

Learn Odoo Scaffolding

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This video shows you step by step how to use Odoo scaffolding and how it can speed up your development time when creating new modules.

Video Length:   22 min.
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What is Odoo scaffolding?

Using an Odoo scaffold you can quickly create a template to begin building your Odoo module. Prior to Odoo 8, developers typically had to create all their directories and required files from scratch or make their own system for starting modules. Learn how Odoo 8 makes developing modules a little easier to get started.

What do you learn in this video?

You learn how to use the 'scaffold' command and various arguments to create a basic Odoo template as well as how more advanced templates for models and themes are generated.

Who is this video for?

This video is for new Odoo developers who may find the existing documentation a bit verbose and the help provided in the scaffolding command prompt somewhat vague. By going through the examples of how the templates are actually generated you will find it easier to use these new tools in your own development.