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Odoo SAAS Overview and Deployment Considerations

Odoo SAAS Overview and Deployment Considerations

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Implementing Odoo as an SAAS requires a significant amount of infrastructure planning and custom scripts in order to successfully administer multiple Odoo installations. This video examines which Odoo versions are specialized to handle Odoo SAAS installations and some of the things you should consider when planning your own Odoo installation.

Video Length:   19 Minutes
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What is a Managed Odoo SAAS Instance?

As Odoo increases in popularity and more and more businesses wish to use Odoo their is a growing need for managed Odoo installations. The experts at demonstrate how you can setup a robust managed SAAS installation that provides instant database creation and turnkey deployment in a matter of seconds. 

Configuring a Managed Odoo Installation. How do I do it?

Setting up an managed Odoo SAAS installation is a complex task. It of course requires that you completely understand setting up a SAAS version of Odoo. You also need to account for backup strategies, and automation scripts to create the actual Odoo instances themselves. This video is a very high level overview of some of these considerations and where you can find additional resources.

What do I need to Know to Watch This Video?

It's important that you are already comfortable installing Odoo in a Ubuntu environment. You should be able to configure an Odoo server to start automatically as well as basic backup strategies. Anyone attempting a professional install should have an expert team that understands SSL security, DNS, Nginx, and has experience in deploying cloud based solutions.