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Customizing Odoo 9 Sales Management

Customizing Odoo 9 Sales Management

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Odoo's Sales Management Application is quite powerful and can be extended by an experienced Odoo Developer. In this video we look at how specifically at how to customize the Odoo Sales Management Application. First we look at how to acquire free Sales Management enhancements from Odoo opensource OCA. Then the video goes into detail how to write your own modules for Odoo Sales Management using real world examples of common customization requests.

Video Length:   1:03 Hours
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Learning to Customize Odoo Sales Management

Odoo Sales Management Application already has many options but at times, even after we have explored all the configuration options there are specific business requirements that cannot be solved with out of the box Odoo. Fortunately we can often find community applications and customizations that may take us closer to a solution without having to start from scratch. Even better, this video shows Odoo Developers how to get started customizing Odoo Sales Management right away.

Utilizing and extending Odoo community modules from OCA

We start this video by looking at how to first exhaust your available resources for customizing Odoo Sales Management without having to start development from scratch. What are your specific requirements and are there any community modules that will solve your problem? Can you build on one of these existing modules or change it so you can focus on other application functionality? 

Customization of Odoo Sales Management is in high demand

This video will be the first of many in a new series that will look at how to customize specific Odoo applications. We have started with Odoo Sales Management for one reason... this is the area in which many companies have very specific requirements that differentiate them from their competitors. It's also front faces the customer. This is also not the last video specifically devoted to Sales Management customization. And as always, please contact us with your ideas for new Odoo Class videos.