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Odoo 10 - Command Line Tips & Tricks

Odoo 10 - Command Line Tips & Tricks

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If you are involved in Odoo Administration or Development it is valuable to have a solid grasp of Odoo's command line capability. This video takes you through the most important Odoo command line options and demonstrates how you can use them to solve a variety of challenges in administering Odoo.

Video Length:   37 minutes
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The Odoo Command Line

Take your Odoo administration skills to the next level! Understand how the main Odoo command line arguments are used for a variety of Odoo operations. 

Install & Update

Learn how you can use the Odoo command line to install and update applications and modules in your Odoo installation.  

Using dbFilter

You can have many Odoo installations on the same server. With dbFilter you can limit the database instance. This is useful for security, setting up multiple domain names, as well as other administrative options.

Understanding the Odoo Shell Interface

Even many Odoo developers and administrators who have been involved with Odoo for years are unaware of the power of the Odoo shell interface. Learn how to use the shell with the -shel-interface for browsing and executing methods inside of the Odoo shell environment. 

Using the debugger and configuring logging levels

In the video we create a sample error and then show how you can use the Odoo command line to debug that error with ipdb, the IPython based debugger that allows access to tab completion. Learn to configure Log Levels devepending on the type of Odoo development you are doing. If you are an Odoo developer these are tips and tricks you don't want to miss!

Running Odoo in Multi-Threaded mode

A default Odoo installation runs in a single thread. While this is often suitable for one or two users as you add more user having only one thread will slow your Odoo instance down considerably. In this video you will learn how to configure Odoo to run in multi-threaded mode along with expert advice on how multi-threading and its relation with longpolling port. This is a must watch topic for any professional Odoo integrator.