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Mastering Odoo 11 Development - Building Your First Odoo Application

Mastering Odoo 11 Development - Building Your First Odoo Application

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If you are just starting out learning how to develop Odoo applications, this video is for you. We begin at the very beginning and walk your through step by step how to build your first Odoo application using Python.

Video Length:   1:14 Minutes
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    How to Build an Odoo Application from Scratch

    Get started building an Odoo application with minimal Python and XML skills required

    Odoo is a powerful business application platform with literally thousands of applications and modules that encompass nearly every industry and market. That said, none of these applications are going to be a perfect fit. As a business grows they will develop their own processes, procedures, and workflows. That is when it can be greatly valuable to have the ability to customize and modify Odoo.  If you are reading this... then you are likely aware of the power Odoo can offer as an open source platform.  Fortunately OdooClass has produced many videos on how to get started developing with Odoo and can get you started right away!

    Learn Python while Learning to Build Odoo Applications: To begin developing native Odoo applications (as opposed to applications that are built using developer mode or Odoo Studio), you will need to learn a little bit of Python and a little bit of XML.  If you are new don't worry. You can watch the application get built step by step. You can also take our Python Primer course that will cover some of the basic Python commands you will  need to  know. 

    Using Odoo Scaffolding to create a template for your Application: In our previous Mastering Odoo Development courses we created the files that were required for our application from scratch. In this course we move more quickly by demonstrating how to create all the files required for your application using the Odoo scaffolding command. You will then learn to test that your Odoo application is installed correctly and begin creating custom models, fields, and views.

    Understand the Odoo framework and build your first Application: This video course is designed to give you the basic skill requirements to begin building native Odoo applications using Python and XML. This will give you the knowledge you required to look at the more advanced Odoo developer topics here on