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Mastering Odoo 11 Development - Introduction to the Odoo Framework

Mastering Odoo 11 Development - Introduction to the Odoo Framework

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If you are brand new to learning how to develop in Odoo, this is the video for you. Learn how to customize Odoo and build your own custom Odoo applications. In this video learn the basics of the Odoo framework. Learn how to create your own custom models in Odoo and how to add menus, views and actions.

Video Length:   55 Minutes
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              Learn How to Develop Custom Odoo Applications

              Getting started with the Odoo framework Using Developer Mode

              LEARNING TO BECOME AN ODOO DEVELOPER: Here at Odoo Class we have been training Odoo developers on what it takes to implement real-world solutions in Odoo since OpenERP 6. Before Odoo was even Odoo. We've worked hard to create quality Odoo tutorials and courses that will kick start your path to becoming an expert Odoo developer.  We have learned that understanding the core framework is the essential first step in becoming a great Odoo developer. Sure it is helpful to know some python or have experience in a previous programming language. But most important is understanding the Odoo framework and how it fits together. In fact, you can utilize this framework without knowing how to program in Python at all. In this introduction to building Odoo applications we begin by learning how to create Odoo applications from within developer mode. Please note this can be done using the community edition of Odoo and does not utilize Odoo Studio. 

              NO PYTHON EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. This video course requires no previous knowledge of python or any other programming language. Instead we create our simple application using Odoo's developer mode. Learn how to work with models, views, and actions. Begin building Odoo applications and understanding how the framework fits together. We have created Odoo developer tutorials since OpenERP 6 and have worked to make it as easy as possible to learn how to build Odoo applications. Using this course you can get started even if you are new to Python programming or application development in general.

              UNDERSTAND THE ODOO FRAMEWORK. Before you can start writing Odoo applications it is important you first understand the basics of the Odoo framework. In this course we begin by creating an entirely new model in Odoo to manage pets in an animal clinic. You then learn how to create menus and actions to access your new model. We explore how to create relationships between models such as Many2One and One2Many. Finally we learn how to create simple views to determine how we look at the data in our new models. By the end of the video you should feel comfortable extending Odoo and creating basic applications. All without writing a single line of code!

              GREAT FOR PROTOTYPING CUSTOM ODOO APPLICATIONS. This course is not just for Odoo developers. Using what you learn in this video you can prototype Odoo applications without having to spend hours and hours writing custom code. Modify the models and add the fields you need. Create views and actions to view your information and wire it altogether. Now you have a working prototype that will make it easier to communicate requirements and allow team members to collaborate on application development. 

              NOTE: This video tutorial is for those who are new to Odoo development and wish to learn how the Odoo framework fits together or wishes to prototype Odoo applications using Odoo Developer mode. There are many more advanced Odoo development videos available in our full Odoo library.

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              Odoo Development starts with models

              If you are going to be a successful developer you must understand Odoo models. Models manage all the data within your Odoo applications. Each document, transaction, and report in Odoo are maintained within models. For example, a product  in Odoo is represented by the model product.product.

              In this video you will use the developer mode in Odoo to add a new model and extend the Odoo sales application to maintain a list of pets for a theoretical veterinary application.  You learn how to create many2one fields for the breed and species of the pet. With this fun, easy to understand example you will quickly learn how to add models to build your own Odoo applications.

                Customizing and Creating Views in Odoo

                Once you understand how to create models in Odoo then you will be prepared to learn how to create and customize views. Using XML syntax you can create custom views to add the new fields you have added to your model to a custom form. You don't need to know any python to learn how to do this. You don't even have to create any files or have Odoo Enterprise. In this video we teach you how to customize views in Odoo Developer mode. With this approach you can get started quickly creating Odoo applications and learning the Odoo framework.

                If you are a beginning Odoo developer who is still learning the basics of the Odoo framework then this video is for you. This will prepare you for more advanced Odoo development topics. 

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                                Understanding Odoo Actions and Creating Menus

                                Actions are the glue that allows models and views to work together and create powerful applications. Models hold your data. Views display the data from the models or collect data from users to put data into models. Actions specify what records from models you wish to retrieve and allow you to control the flow of the user experience.

                                In this video after creating a custom model we use an action to quickly allow us to view and modify the data in the model. By the end of the video you should be able to create simple Odoo applications and understand the basics of the Odoo framework. This is a fundamental step in learning how to develop full blown Odoo applications which we cover in the next video Mastering Odoo 11 video.