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Mastering Odoo 10 Development - Complete Video Course

Mastering Odoo 10 Development - Complete Video Course

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Get the Complete Mastering Odoo 10 Development Course! The fastest way to begin learning Odoo Development starts here with the best Odoo technical training available. From the very beginning of setting up your development environment to creating fully functioning Odoo Applications.

Video Length:   7+ Hours
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Get Started with the #1 Odoo Developer Video Training Course

The founder of Odoo, Greg Moss author of Working with Odoo, published the first OpenERP/Odoo training videos for OpenERP version 6. Mastering Odoo 10 Development builds on the success and is certainly one of the best paced Developer Training Courses you will find anywhere.

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We don't just consider our customers subscribers. We consider them partners in helping them develop and implementing the best-in-class Odoo Applications. Thes are not technical reference videos. They are designed by Odoo developers for Odoo developers. We focus on solving real world business problems with Odoo. 

The Fastest Way to Learn Real World Odoo Development

Odoo has a powerful framework and an amazing dedicated community. Here at OdooClass we are firmly committed to helping you learn Odoo Development. Our courses are designed to get you up and going right away. And if you have development problems you can't solve? Let us know... each and every week we assist Odoo developers in making real world Odoo business applications trhough video training, workshops and consulting.

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Volume #1 - Installing Odoo for Development

Volume one starts with what is perhaps the best Odoo development installation video available.  See step by step how to download Odoo from git-hub and configure your desktop security settings to make it easy to develop in Odoo. 

  • Download and Install Odoo 10 from the Github repository with all pre-requisites

  • Test your Odoo installation and verify permissions for development

  • Install and configure LiClipse (Eclipse) as your development environment

  • Create a test custom Odoo application to verify everything is functioning properly

Who is this good for? This course is perfect for those new to Odoo or those who want to have an optimal development environment for testing and debugging.

                            Volume #2 - Models, Views, & Actions

                            Odoo provides a powerful framework that is built on an Model / View / Controller (Actions) architecture. In this video course we have worked to develop the perfectly paced course to introduce developers to building applications in Odoo.

                            • Use scaffolding to create your first custom Odoo application

                            • Learn to use models to extend Odoo functionality with new fields

                            • Create a custom view to add new fields to Odoo forms

                            • Create a new custom model from scratch

                            • Create menus and use actions to access your new custom models

                            Who is this good for? Those who are new to Odoo Development and want a fast, perfectly paced introduction to building custom Odoo applications.

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                            Volume #3: Advanced Odoo Application Development

                            In this video course we take your Odoo Development skills to the next level. This is a self contained course for intermediate Odoo Developers that builds on the application and training that was introduced in Volume #2. 

                            • Learn how to implement security rules to control user access

                            • Create custom buttons and methods

                            • Understand how to manage and control document states and workflows

                            • Use related fields, calculated fields and expand your knowledge of Odoo models

                            • Learn advanced techniques such as xpath to get control of your views

                            Who is this good for? This is the perfect course for those who understand the basics of Odoo Development and are looking to take their skills to the next level.

                                Volume #4: Building Web Applications

                                Introduced in Odoo version 8, Odoo now has a powerful website builder that makes it easy to build Odoo websites using a drag and drop interface. Unfortunately like most web development you can only get so far with using the drag and drop editor. That is where this video course comes in. Once you understand Odoo's web application framework you will be able to develop powerful dynamic web applications.

                                • Build an Odoo web controller from scratch in less than 10 minutes!

                                • Learn to use Odoo's templates to separate business logic from your web page

                                • Integrate with Odoo's back-end models to build powerful web applications

                                • Learn how to use qweb to format your templates and get control over page layout

                                Who is this good for? Odoo developers who wish to create powerful business web applications.

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