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Building Web Applications - Mastering Odoo 10 Development Volume 4

Building Web Applications - Mastering Odoo 10 Development Volume 4

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Volume 4: In this course you will learn how to use Odoo's powerful web development framework to create a web application to display vehicle records. Learn how to create web controllers and use Odoo's web templates and you will be creating Odoo web applications in no time.

Video Length:   1:21 Hours
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Using Web Controllers and Routes to create Web Pages

Odoo has a powerful and flexible CMS (Content Management System) that easily integrates with Odoo's backend models and processes. Within minutes you will have created your first web controller and learned how to pull data from Odoo onto your web page. 

Learn to use Odoo's Powerful Template Framework

Templates allow you to more easily separate your web controllers that are written in Python with the HTML/XML code required to produce your web page. Learn how to create your own custom web templates that pull data from Odoo while maintaining a smart division between the Odoo models and the web views.

OdooClass : An Odoo Web Business Application in Action

While there are a lot of popular CMS frameworks such as WordPress and Joomla, none of them offer the full range of business applications available with Odoo. Here at OdooClass we don't just talk Odoo... we work with Odoo's CMS every day to improve OdooClass. You are using a custom Odoo Web Application right now! With this video course you can learn how to make your own Odoo web applications.