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Customizing Odoo 9 - Models, Actions, Views & Menus

Customizing Odoo 9 - Models, Actions, Views & Menus

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Learn how to use Odoo's powerful debug mode to customize Odoo 9 by adding your own fields, modifying views, understanding actions and how to add your own menus. All without writing any Python modules. This is a great place to start for new Odoo developers to begin learning how the Odoo 9 framework fits together.

Video Length:   1:08 Hours
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Learn how to customize Odoo 9! Add fields, modify views, create new menus! 

Odoo Models hold all the important data in your Odoo applications

In this video you will learn how to add your own custom fields to the sale order model to identify priority orders. Without any Python programming and without creating any applications you will be able to add new fields to your Odoo business applications.

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    Customize Odoo 9 without writing a single line of Python code

    It is well known that Odoo is one of the most powerful open source business application frameworks and that Odoo developers can extend Odoo with extra functionality. What many people don't know is that there is a great deal you can customize in Odoo without getting into complex Odoo development. You can add fields to your forms, change what shows up in your views, even add new actions and menus to your Odoo business application. All without writing an Odoo module.

    Learning to use Odoo's powerful debug mode

    Even if you don't plan to take on advanced Odoo development projects it can be a great asset to understand Odoo 9's new debug mode. Unlike Odoo 8, Odoo 9 has combined the technical features and debug mode. No longer do you have to set technical features settings for the admin user to access Odoo sequences, models, views, or other technical related settings. In this video you see how Odoo 9's new debug mode handles both the technical settings and customization.

    Great for learning Odoo Development and Prototyping

    One of the primary purposes of this video is to begin introducing Odoo administrators and what maybe called Odoo power users and potential Odoo developers to the Odoo framework. Using the debug mode you can see how Odoo fits together and learn a little bit more about how Odoo models, views, actions and menus work together to create the Odoo applications you are using. For many people this customization video will help them get started prototyping what specific fields and views maybe required for their business solution.