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Customize Odoo Menus, Actions, and Views

Customize Odoo Menus, Actions, and Views

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This video is for those who wish to customize Odoo menus, determine the action that occurs when you select a menu, and modify the records that are displayed in views. Fortunately you can do all this without writing a single line of Python using Odoo's powerful development mode. Therefore this video is great for those that may need to make some changes to Odoo but do not wish to get into full scale Odoo development. For Odoo developers, this video will help you understand how menus, actions and views work together.

Video Length:   31 Minutes
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Learning to work with Odoo menus and actions

This video dives into exactly how menus and actions interact with views within the Odoo framework. Using Odoo's developer mode we examine how Odoo filters out records in views and how we can use that same syntax to create custom actions for the menus that we create within Odoo. Without learning how to write any Python code or create modules, we can customize Odoo to better meet business requirements.

Another example customizing Odoo to fit your requirements

Like the other videos on this video is designed to solve a frequent customization Odoo request. Adding custom menus to the application that allow you to perform specific actions and most importantly... provide users the data that they need, when they need it. Now you can learn how to attach a menu to any model in Odoo and filter the records to get the exact results you require.

Learning how the Odoo framework fits together

One of the main goals of this video is to give you a better understanding how Odoo menus, actions and views work within the Odoo framework. Often there can be a bit of confusion as to exactly how these components fit together. Many believe you must be an expert Odoo programmer or write complex modules to customize Odoo. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once you understand how Odoo developer mode works and how the framework fits together, there are many simple things you can implement to make Odoo better fit the requirements for your business.