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OpenERP / Odoo 7 Fundamentals Volume One

OpenERP / Odoo 7 Fundamentals Volume One

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OpenERP / Odoo 7 Fundamentals Training Volume One we takes a business focused approach while teaching you step by step how to implement OpenERP / Odoo in your business.

Video Length:   113 min.
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Getting Started

While many OpenERP / Odoo training videos and workshops simply go feature by feature, OpenERP fundamentals volume one works through real processes and real configuration problems that people typically face in setting up a new OpenERP / Odoo system. 

The fast way to learn Odoo

After you have completed volume one you should be comfortable getting around in OpenERP, adding applications, using the search features, and will understand the basics of how transactions can be managed in the system. 

Real business solutions

Instead of arbitrarily introducing features, this video series uses real business requirements to drive the implementation of OpenERP for a boat manufacturing operation. This approach will help you work through how you can implement OpenERP for your business.