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Create and Publish a Survey in Odoo

Create and Publish a Survey in Odoo

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Learn to use Odoo's powerful survey builder. Publish your survey's publicly and even create tests that can be scored for correct or incorrect answers.

Video Length:   31 minutes
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Learn to create a custom Survey using Odoo

In this 30 minute video we look at Odoo's survey application and how it can be used to create private or public custom survey's with a variety of question types and options to get information from your customers or employees. You can even take the survey yourself right now using the 'Survey Page' button above. This is one of those videos where we actually use the result right here on Odoo Class to learn exactly what our subscribers want to learn about Odoo.

Publish your survey on your Odoo website

One of the nice things about the Odoo survey application is how quickly you can build a survey, test that survey, then publish it to your website. In this video we setup a survey in which you can tell us what kinds of videos you would like to see on Odoo and provide the option to tell us specifically which videos you would like to see offered on Odoo Class.

Listening to your customers

This video is produced at a time where here at Odoo Class we wish to provide the best possible service to our subscribers. To set Odoo Class apart from the others we create the videos that our subscribers are asking for. Already we have produced more than a dozen videos that were specific requests from subscribers. We wish to continue this effort and invite everyone to fill out our Odoo Class Survey and tell us which videos YOU wish to see on Odoo Class.