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Managing Users and Group Permissions in Odoo
Introduction: Managing Users and Group Permissions in Odoo
Turning on the technical settings and understanding the built-in permissions
Creating new users in Odoo and setting account permissions
Understand groups and group inheritance in Odoo
Rules definitions and assigning domain filters to restrict records
Examine some examples on how to implement access rules in Odoo
Restricting menu access for specific groups

Managing Users and Group Permissions in Odoo

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Learn to manage users, groups and restrict permissions in this video on user administration in Odoo.

Video Length:   24 min.
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Odoo 8 user and group management made easy

Odoo provides a flexible and efficient method for handling security and user access. Users can be assigned to multiple groups and groups can be inherited to more easily manage complex Odoo security and access restrictions. In this video we show exactly how it all fits together.

Control user access to menus

One of the most common requirements facing a new company that is deploying Odoo is determing how to best configure user menus and access for your organization. In this video we show you how you can add and remove menu access to users. Along the way we show you a few tips on how to best test user security without having to log out and back in repeatedly.

Learn to add your own security groups for maximum control

After covering the basics of user, groups, and how you can control menu access to specific groups we demonstrate how you can create your own security groups. In the video we walk through a real client example in which we setup separate security groups in the CRM system for users that only can access leads and users that can access opportunities.