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Using Odoo RunBot for Testing and Development
Introduction: Using to access instances of Odoo
Connecting and logging on to an Odoo instance using runbot
Testing out Odoo Sales Management functionality without an install
Examining the instances for the fixes and the runbot logs from the unit tests
Learn how runbot is integrated with git hub
Looking at alternative Odoo versions and the base Odoo database
Installing applications into an Odoo runbot instance
Using runbot to test out the Odoo Enterprise edition features
Examining older versions of Odoo to assist in upgrading modules and databases

Using Odoo RunBot for Testing and Development

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When you are working with Odoo there are often times you wish to test processes or see how a particular feature works in one build of Odoo versus another build. Using Odoo Runbot you can quickly access an instance of the latest build of Odoo. In this video we look at some of the features of this powerful online Odoo tool.

Video Length:   25 Minutes
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The Fastest Way to Discovering Odoo?

Now with all the videos on OdooClass for installing and administering Odoo as well as other resources throughout the Internet there is no reason anyone can't get working with Odoo pretty quick. But what if you want to try Odoo RIGHT NOW? Maybe you also don't want to have to sign up for any kind of license to see Odoo enterprise features? 

Using the Odoo Runbot to see Odoo right now!

Each fix and patch that is applied creates a new Odoo instance along with an Odoo database that has all Odoo applications installed and another database that only has the base Odoo framework installed. 

Using the Odoo Runbot you can quickly access the latest Odoo builds running in real time without having to register, signup for a trial, or even answer a single question. Even better you quickly access both the Odoo community and Odoo enterprise editions.  

Quick access to Odoo instances & builds running in the cloud

This video introduces you to a powerful online Odoo utility, Odoo Runbot. Odoo runbot is an automated testing framework for Odoo. This framework runs tests on new source code changes to Odoo applied through Github. One of the most important features of Odoo Runbot is that it allows you to quickly connect to the latest Odoo build for practically any version of Odoo.

Odoo Runbot = instant access to all major Odoo applications

Perhaps the best use of runbot is to quickly access an application to test a process or compare a feature in one version of Odoo to another. For example you can launch the community version of Odoo 9 right next to the enterprise version of Odoo 9 with all major applications already installed. This video examines this and other ways to test Odoo using Odoo runbot.

 Using Odoo Runbot to assist in Odoo Development Tasks

When migrating from one version of Odoo to another or understanding how a specific process works the Odoo runbot can sometimes provide you quick answers. The runbot allows you to directly access the underlying Odoo source code on Github as well as turn on the Odoo debug mode. With this you can see the underlying database model for practically any build of Odoo without performing an installation.