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Modify Odoo Login Process: Ignore case sensitivity

Modify Odoo Login Process: Ignore case sensitivity

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By default, Odoo's login is case sensitive for both the login and the password. This video demonstrates how to modify Odoo's login procedure so that the login is no longer case sensitive.

Video Length:   15 Minutes
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Learn about one of Odoo's most Powerful Price List features

In previous OdooClass videos we covered Odoo's price list features that allows you a lot of flexibility in managing price discounting by dates, rounding prices to a given amount (ie $3.99 as opposed to $3.94), or customer specific pricing. In this video you will learn how to manage prices in different geographical locations.

Why would I Need Odoo Price Lists for Location Pricing?

As more and more businesses expand their footprint and offer products around the globe there is the need for many to price their product by region. For example, you may need to have one price for a product in the North American market but another price entirely for the same product in India. 

What do I need to Know to Watch This Video?

This is a fairly short video... only 16 minutes in length that covers specficially how to do price lists by geographical location. It is highly recommended if you have not worked with price lists before in Odoo that you watch the video Mastering Price Lists in Odoo 9 Sales Management.