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Mastering Price Lists in Odoo 9 Sales Management
Introduction: Why would I use Price Lists in Odoo and Installation
Configuring price lists in settings using pricing based on formula
Setting up a new price list to discount a specific product
Specifying price breaks based on quantity purchased
Create a price list that applies to an entire product category
Learn to build customer specific price lists
Complex price list scenarios: Rounding prices to 99 cents
Combining rounding price lists with discounted price lists

Mastering Price Lists in Odoo 9 Sales Management

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After you have the basics of Sales Management up and running one of the first things you may wish to consider is setting up more advanced price lists. Odoo provides a flexible advanced price list feature. This video provides typical real world examples involving fixed price discounts, percentage price discounts, pricing by category, pricing based on date ranges, and assigning price lists to specific customers.

Video Length:   25 Minutes
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Implementing Advanced Price Lists in Odoo Sales Management

When you first install Odoo Salesmanagment many of the advanced price list features are disabled. We begin by going into the settings and configuration in Odoo and turning on these advanced price lists options. Next we take a look at how to implement fixed priced lists for discounting based on quantity price breaks. For example, you can configure Odoo to discount a product to a specific price per unit based on the quantity.

Assigning Price Lists to Product Categories & Specific Customers

After we cover the basics of Odoo price lists for fixed prices and percentage discounts we look at how you can assign a price list to a specific product category. For our example we demonstrate how to discount all the products in the software category by 10%. To make it more interesting we also make that sale on active during the dates we specify. For many Odoo customers using Sales Management this is enough flexibility for all their pricing strategies.

Using Advanced Formulas and Rounding Pricing in Odoo

Near the last part of the video we look at how the advanced pricing formulas can be used to create retail prices that are more desirable in some markets. For example, you may wish to have all of your snacks in the convenient store rounded to 99 cents. In this video we demonstrate how you can use Odoo to exactly that. After watching this video you should be comfortable implementing any of Odoo's price list options for your business or clients.