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Advanced Odoo Connectivity Older Legacy Databases
Introduction: Connecting and importing data from legacy databases into Odoo
Downloading and installing the Python for Windows extensions
Writing our database connectivity module with xmlrpclib and win32.client
Importing data from DataPro. Installing the a demo Datapro database
Examining legacy data in Microsoft Visual Foxpro
Accessing data using OLE DB Drivers
Using Adodb recordsets to access visual foxpro database tables
Processing records from a legacy database in real-time without exporting to csv
Strategies for creating routines that sync Odoo with legacy data in real time
JSON vs XMLRPC for connectivity

Advanced Odoo Connectivity Older Legacy Databases

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In a follow up to Advanced Odoo Connectivity - SQL Server this Odoo Development video focuses on accessing older legacy databases that are still used for many small business accounting systems.

Video Length:   40 Minutes
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Odoo Development - Expanding your Import / Export Options

This is a video that is primarily aimed at Odoo Partners, Odoo Integrators and other Odoo Consultants that perhaps may need to export data out of legacy systems in order to translate and get that data into Odoo. In our previous Advanced Odoo Connectivity SQL Server video we looked at how we could access managed databases. Now we look at how to access databases that are file based and don't have a database management engine.

Seamlessly Integrating Odoo with other Systems = POWERFUL

Often times companies have older systems that have been in place many years. As an integrator having a complete set of tools and skills that allow you to integrate with these older systems and leverage them to create a more powerful solution can provide you options you never knew existed. Often times smart integration can allow you to approach an enterprise project in a way that reduces risk and encourages end user loyalty. 

Millions of live accounting systems use older databases

Often times the people most urgent to move onto a platform are those that have been suffering with an older accounting package for many years. In order to make a successful transition to Odoo it's going to be critical that the integrators are able to efficiently access the legacy data. The ability to create these robust connections with other systems means that you are not forced into import / export tasks that are one time only... forcing users and the company to choose between the two systems. Now you can create powerful integrated systems that leveraged the strengths of each platform and provide you with a managed way of implementing Odoo into any Enterprise.