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Unity | Odoo Enterprise Toolkit Course Introduction

Unity | Odoo Enterprise Toolkit Course Introduction

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While this video is only a few minutes in lengths it is an introduction to a 9 hour Unity 3d Course that is available to all Odoo Class Subscribers. In previous Odoo Class courses we introduced the Odoo Enterprise Toolkit that allows you to deploy native applications on multiple platforms that integrate with Odoo. Odoo Class Subscribers get full access to the 9 hour Unity 3D course designed to introduce Odoo and Enterprise Developers to the Unity platform and C#. Note --- This Course does not include any Odoo specific content and is designed to introduced developers to Unity 3D and C# in a fun way.

Video Length:   9 Hours
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What is the Odoo Enterprise Toolkit

The Odoo Enterprise Toolkit allows you to connect with Odoo through the Odoo API from a C# library that is compatible with the Unity framework. This means you can develop native applications with a proven development environment that connects with Odoo. Please see the associated videos below for more details.

Should I take this course if I only want to do Odoo Development

If you are not interested in building native applications for iOS, Android or Windows Mobile devices or PC/Mac devices then this course will likely have little value. This course is designed to introduce enterprise developers to the Unity platform so they can create mobile applications. There is no Odoo specific content in the course.

Why would I want to Write Native Applications for Mobile Devices?

Unity 3D's platform makes available a lot of animation and interactivity you simply can't achieve with HTML 5 or even the best JavaScript. At least not without a lot of work. Practical uses include mobile data collection, mapping and GPS integration, kiosks that integrate with sales & product data, interactive product catalogs or even data migration/synchronization middle-ware.